Six Armenian Soldiers Return Home After Being Rescued From Occupied Artsakh.

Today, as a result of search operations carried out in the Azerbajani-controlled areas, six Armenian conscript soldiers who fought heroically for more than 70 days in the second Artsakh war have returned home due to the efforts of the Artsakh Emergency Situations Service, the Russian peacekeeping mission in Artsakh, and the International Committee of the Red Cross, informs the Armenian Unified Infocenter, Armenian Ministry of Defense.

Below are the names of the six soldiers:

Arsen Kareni Ayvazyan

Davit Geghami Sahakyan

Nikolay Seyrani Stepanyan

Arthur Gariki Harutyunyan

Arman Arshaki Armaghanyan

Ruslan Sargisi Tumanyan

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