How It Works

Our guiding principles

We Put Our Audience First

Data shows readers, viewers and listeners all want one thing in their news — unbiased content they can trust, delivered in an efficient and interesting manner that allows them to select how deep they want to dive into the information.

Our content moves seamlessly from our platform to other ecosystems (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to meet the audience on their terms. We continue to expand the places our audience can easily access our content via our newsletters, website, inter alia.

Your Home For All Things

Being audience first, we made the decision to never use annoying advertisements or to revert to features that are designed for short-term clicks rather than long-term usability. You should always be able to view our content without leaving your channel of news.

We Value Your Time

Your time is valuable, so we strive to sort through all of the noise to bring you substantive and meaningful content that is truly worthy of your time.

Conscious Fundraising

The traditional forms of advertising are no longer effective. Pop-up ads are annoying. We offer a highly effective and impactful way to reach our growing audience with native advertising within our platform. We work with advertisers directly to ensure their investment has a measurable return. We constantly seek new ways to help advertisers reach their target without turning away our audience.

Excellence, Always

Media is a tough business. But it is a business, not a right, or charity or hobby.

We believe in distinguishing ourselves by delivering at a very high level on promises we make to news consumers, advertisers and subscribers. We believe success is simple: Think big, deliver big, and show authentic appreciation for those who support us.

The Bottom Line: We strive to be worthy of your time and trust, always.

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