BREAKING NEWS: Azerbaijan Bombs Artsakh’s Capital Stepanakert With Heavy Artillery In Heaviest Attack On City.

Today, Azerbaijani armed forces fired heavy artillery weapons, targeting the civilian infrastructures and the civilian population of Stepanakert, per Artsrun Hovhannisyan, Armenian Ministry of Defense.

A few minutes ago Artsakh capital Stepanakert was targeted by a heavy weapon of Azerbaijan. It was the heaviest strike to Stepanakert so far, per Artak Beglaryan, Human Rights Ombudsman of the Artsakh Republic.

Multiple people are wounded and heavy damages of civilian infrastructure have occurred, per Artsrun Hovhannisyan, Armenian Ministry of Defense.

The attacks targeted the Center of Emergency Services & a group of civilians. Many wounded civilians, no data on deaths yet, added Beglaryan.

“The civilian city of Stepanakert, capital of Artsakh was just bombed by heavy artillery of Azerbaijan. This the heaviest ever attack against this city, against peaceful population. Many people wounded, including children, people killed,” said Arman Tatoyan, Armenian Ombudsman.

“An adequate response will take place, the entire responsibility of which falls on the Aliyev family,” said Vahram Poghosyan, Artsakh presidential spokesperson.

There is extensive damage to civilian infrastructure, wounded. Artak Beglaryan, Artsakh’s Ombudsman tweeted that this is the heaviest strike on Stepanakert so far.

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