Tens Of Thousands Of Azeris Rally & Break Into Parliament Chanting “Death To The Armenian.”

During the rallies in Baku, Azeris began to occupy the front entrance of the Parliament building chanting, “The best soldier is our soldier” and “Get up, pass the border, Azerbaijani soldier.”

As riot police were deployed, protestors  began to chant, “Death to the Armenian.” These pro-war protest emerged after Azerbaijan’s failed invasion in Tavush, Armenia, where over a dozen of their soldiers died.

People continued to chant, “We are not going without Karabakh!” The protestors then called for the resignation and death of Azeri General Najmaddin Sadigov, who has been the Chief of General Staff of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces since 1993.

Soon thereafter, Azeri demonstrators broke into the parliament building. Riot police began to restore order by attacking the rallies and beating them, causing them to exit the building.

A pro-war rally in support of the army against Armenia and Armenians turned into a protest that had to be put down with arrests and other heavy equipment.

Protestors began to exclaim, “We are not Armenians!” The term, “Armenian” often times is synonymous with “enemy “along with other more derogatory and defamatory meanings or connotations. The protestors then continue chanting, “You are the real Armenians…We are fighting two countries.”

The Azeris that have taken to the streets are now resisting rubber bullets and gas cannons from the police force. They are calling for Zakir Hasanov, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Defense.

Protestors continue their dismay saying, “Armenians rose up and their police joined them, but you are beating us,” alluding to the bloodless Velvet Revolution that took place in Armenia during April 2018.

As morning approaches, the protests begin to die down, with demonstrators returning home.

Zartonk Media is closely following the situation.

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