How Armenia is becoming a manufacturing hub for brands like ZARA.

In a ZARTONK Exclusive, Aram Spendjian from Lorens NYC sat down with Sevag Djidjirian, co-owner of Texas Production who is the one responsible for “ZARA, MADE IN ARMENIA.”

Just last week, ‘Armenian Twitter’ crashed when it found out Armenia is currently manufacturing for the Spanish apparel retailer, ZARA. A sense of pride came over all of us when we saw images of an inside label that read, “ZARA, MADE IN ARMENIA.” Due to confidentiality agreements that we have with our factories, we had agreed to refrain from sharing any information about the project until all products had been delivered. Well, Armenia recently fulfilled the full order for ZARA and are now looking to further opportunities in the coming seasons.

This “Asymmetric Wool Sweater” can be found on and was manufactured by Texas Production in Armenia, as referenced in this article.

Tell us about your background and Texas Production…

“I was born and raised in Paris, France, and in 2004 my family founded our first knitting factory in Bulgaria, ‘Kayf Eood.” Even with the opening of our first factory, we always knew we wanted to eventually expand to Armenia. With that in mind, in 2017 we met with the largest textile manufacturer in Armenia, Alex Textile, owned and operated by Astkhig Aleksanyan. That is  when we decided it was a good time to make our way back “home” to Armenia where we launched Texas Production together with Alex Textile.”

Which markets do you normally export to?

“We export primarily to Russia, Germany and France, but have since expanded to the North American market through the help of Lorens NYC.”

Where did you get the idea to bring ZARA to Armenia?

“Actually, we had been working with the s.Oliver group as well as the Bestseller group for quite some time, but due to the pandemic things were put on hold. However, that did not deter us and so we kept pushing to finally attract a big group to Armenian manufacturing.”

How did you get in contact with ZARA?

“We had been trying to catch their attention as we knew they were in search of a new source in the area. It was not until I met with the Council of Spain in Armenia, Mrs. Armine Adamyan, who knew the right people to get in touch with. Actually, Mrs. Adamyan has done great things, not just for us, but for the whole of Armenia. She has invested a lot of time into the strengthening and development of our country.”

What is Armenia currently manufacturing for ZARA?

“A few years ago, Alex Textile was producing dresses for ZARA but as of now, Texas Production is manufacturing sweaters for the Spanish market. We hope to grow our production with them by taking on other items.”

What are future possibilities for Armenia by working with brands such as ZARA?

“Unfortunately, the world knows Armenia for her sad history, but opportunities as such present a different light for Armenia. To work with such brands provides visibility, not just in the light industry, but also in different sectors such as IT. There is a common saying in France, ‘we do not have gas, but we do have ideas.’”

Where do you hope to see Armenia as a textile hub in the coming years?

“Armenia has a long history and tradition in the textile industry and in the last few years, this tradition has been reborn. We need to keep pushing in order to shed more light on these traditions so that in the near future, seeing ‘MADE IN ARMENIA’ becomes a more common thing.”

The article was contributed to ZARTONK Media by Aram Spendjian, President of Lorens NYC, a full service private label garment manufacturing company that for the past three years has been introducing apparel brands to Armenia’s manufacturing capabilities. The intent of Lorens NYC is to make Armenia a viable garment manufacturing source, thus providing jobs, limiting labor migration and in turn strengthening the economy.

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