Three Streets In Tehran Have Been Named After Armenian Soldiers Who Fought In The Iran-Iraq War Of 1980-1988.

Three streets in the Armenian-populated Sasun region of Tehran were named after the Armenian fighters – Paylak Avetyan, Alfred Gabri, Vardan Agakhanyan, who fought in the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988, reports Sputnik Armenia.

An article by the online publication Tehranprelacy notes that different nationalities and religions, with their traditions and customs, make Iran beautiful and strong.

This is not the first time that streets in Iran are named after the dead Armenian soldiers. So, there are streets named after Zare, Hrach Torosyan, Madani, Hrant Avanesyan, Magdavi, Zorik Muradyan and others.

The Iran-Iraq War was the last major conflict of the Cold War and one of the longest-running armed conflicts of the 20th century.

This war was preceded by a series of territorial disputes between Iran and Iraq, motivated by Iraq’s desire to seize from Iran the oil-rich province of Khuzestan with an Arab population and the eastern bank of the Shatt al-Arab River, as well as disputes between the two countries over leadership among the states in the Persian Gulf.

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