Belgian Parliament Calls For Immediate Release of All Armenian POWs.

The Belgian Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution calling on Azerbaijan to immediately release all remaining Armenian prisoners, including civilians, in accordance with Article 8 of the November 9 trilateral agreement, informs the Committee of the Armenians of Belgium (CAB).

The Belgian Parliament strongly condemned the numerous allegations of torture of prisoners.

The Parliament called on the federal government to take appropriate measures to support the immediate, unconditional release and safe return of all remaining Armenian captives by Azerbaijan.

According to the European Court of Human Rights, 188 prisoners of war are still in Azerbaijan. The ceasefire agreement signed on November 9 provided for the immediate and full exchange of prisoners. However, Azerbaijan did not release its captives and arrested other Armenian soldiers and civilians in the days following the end of the fighting. Armenia, in turn, released all prisoners of war as soon as the fighting ended.

In addition, we also learned that Azerbaijani forces arrested six new Armenian servicemen on Thursday, May 28, on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. This arrest follows the recent continuous incursions into the Armenian territory at several points of the border.

The Committee of Armenians of Belgium (CAB) calls on the government to back down at the request of the parliament and to intervene in the immediate release of all Armenian prisoners.

The Committee of Armenians of Belgium is the executive body and speaker of the local Armenian community. Back in 1922, the Armenian institutes were united in a conference elected by all the inhabitants of Belgian origin of Armenian origin. The number of Armenians in the country is estimated at more than 30,000.

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