President Sarkissian Says The Situation In Syunik Is Extremely Worrying, Armenia’s Borders Aren’t Subject To Negotiation.

President Armen Sarkissian says the situation in Syunik is extremely worrying and considers it important to quickly resolve the situation, informs the Office of the President.

As Zartonk Media was informed from the press service of the Office of the President of Armenia, the statement runs as follows,

“It is urgent and pressing to undertake all necessary measures to unreservedly defend the Republic of Armenia, and the interests and security of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

The President and the President’s Office are in constant contact with the relevant state bodies. Information is also received directly from the Syunik region.

The President’s position is that the security of the country and the inviolability of the borders are not negotiable, and any encroachment on them is condemnable. It must be met with a clear and sharp response, as well as an international response. The Azerbaijani side bears all the responsibility for further aggravation of the situation, and disruption of the already sensitive situation in the region.”

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