City Of The Future: Armenian Gov’t Approves Creation of “Engineering City” Project.


Engineering City Armenia will be an environment created in order to foster the creation  and development of complex engineering technologies. The Center, being built in Nor Nork, the  eastern part of Yerevan, will consist of laboratory facilities that house research labs, prototyping  labs, equipment labs and machine tooling labs but will also contain a business accelerator,  conference rooms, lecture halls, expo areas, a library, museums and cafeterias. 

The center has been designed to help companies reach their goals through cooperation combining both education and research and making use of collaborative high tech spaces. 

Classes are offered in everything from systems engineering to business. 32 organizations are expected to occupy standalone buildings while 38 startups fill the engineering incubator according to Bagrat Yengibaryan the director of the Enterprise Incubator Foundation.  So far 22 engineering companies have signed on to be a part of the campus according to Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan.

Preliminary construction for the project was funded by a $30,000,000 USD investment, $10,000,000 of which came from the Armenian government. The world bank has also backed  the project as a part of its Trade Promotion of Quality Infrastructure program.

Substantial construction will begin in 2021, as Engineering City has opened its tenant application and hopes to open with a full campus. Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan has said that the center will become a “center for engineering thought and innovation” while “providing a completely new environment for urban life.”

The Engineering City will be built in Yerevan’s Nor Nork district. Deputy PM Avinyan said “This promises to be one of the best examples of public-private partnership, combining modern technologies, our scientific mind, and a healthy, safe, and prosperous public environment,” Avinyan said.

Areas that resident companies will operate in are,

a. material science

b. electronics (radio electronic)

c. measuring equipment and systems

d. radio-frequency equipment and systems

e. aerospace equipment and systems

f. robotics

g. semiconductor equipment

h. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

i. biomedical equipment.

By Shant Hambarchian

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