City Of West Hollywood Recognizes The Independence Of The Republic Of Artsakh.

On January 19, 2021, the City of West Hollywood unanimously adopted a resolution recognizing the Independence of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), view the resolution here, reports The Blunt Post.

With the request and assistance of Armenian-American journalist, radio host, and activist, Vic Gerami, the resolution was sponsored by Councilmember Sepi Shyne and co-sponsored 

by Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath.  

Last year, on October 19, 2020, the West Hollywood City Council unanimously adopted a resolution (NO. 20-5338) condemning Azerbaijan’s military operation in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and in support of a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

“I want to thank Mayor Horvath for co-sponsoring this very important Resolution with me and proud of my colleagues for voting in support! The City of West Hollywood has historically stood for justice and we did it once again this evening by recognizing the Independence of the Republic of Artsakh. As an Iranian American, I am proud to stand with and be an ally to the Armenian community,” said West Hollywood Councilmember Sepi Shyne.

Approximately 900,000 Armenians live in CA, 700,000 of whom in the greater Los Angeles area, including West Hollywood, Hollywood, East Hollywood (Little Armenia), Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, and throughout the San Fernando Valley.

West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath expressed her enthusiasm by saying, “This issue has been very important to me personally and to our City for quite some time. I have previously participated in marches to commemorate the Armenian genocide. In my first term as Mayor, I introduced an item directing our City to lower all flags in recognition of Armenian Genocide Day on its 100th anniversary – a tradition we now continue every year. Last year, the West Hollywood City Council unanimously adopted a resolution condemning Azerbaijan’s military operation in Artsakh and supporting a peaceful resolution to the conflict.”

She continued, “This year, we are building on the City’s legacy of respect and support for all people, with special acknowledgment of the unique atrocities that Armenian people have faced, by calling for formal recognition of the independence of the Republic of Artsakh. It is my deepest desire that our Council’s action gives further strength and support to bringing peace and stability to the region. We must demonstrate our commitment to standing with people of Armenian descent in our greater Los Angeles region who continue the fight for freedom. I remain an ally in this struggle and am glad to lead our City in this important act of solidarity.”

Ten (10) states across the US have recognized the Independent Republic of Artsakh so far. They are CA, CO, GA, HI, LA, MA, ME, MI, MN, RI. Cities that have recognized Artsakh include Los Angeles, Glendale, Fresno County, Highland, Gardena, Fort Lee Borough, Fowler, Englewood Cliffs, Clark County, Ridgefield, Cliffside Park, and Orange County.

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