Russian Guards To Ensure Security Of The 21 KM Section Of The Goris-Kapan Road That Passes Through Syunik’s Disputed Area.

The 21-kilometer section of the Goris-Kapan highway in the Syunik region passes through disputed territory in some places, informs the Armenian Ministry of Defense.

1 ․ According to the agreement reached, Russian border guards are deployed on the Goris-David Bek road section due to traffic disruption.

2 ․ 21 km of Goris-Kapan highway. The security of the section, which passes through the disputed territory, will be ensured by the Russian border guards.

3 ․ On one side of the line of contact, the RA border troops will be deployed on the Armenian side, and the Azerbaijani border troops on the Azerbaijani side.

Necessary complex measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the mentioned road section. Additional clarifications will be provided in the coming days.

Photo by Sergei Grits/Associated Press

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