REPROT: Parents Of Missing Armenian Soldiers Beg The Government For Their Children

Earlier Today, the parents, spouses, children of missing Armenian soldiers began gathering outside of the Ministry of Defense building in Yerevan in hopes of finding answers, reports

Armenia’s Ministry of Defense announced earlier that Azerbaijan has blocked the Red Cross from entering Artsakh’s now occupied area of Fizuli, Jabrayil, and Kubatlu to retrieve these bodies.

“I’m a soldier’s parent. We have nothing to do with politics, we have nothing to do with the government. We only ask for our children. Let them give us our children,” said one of the parents.

“I ask them to bring our children. Let them bring the dead and let us bury them. What do they want from us? We gave children to serve, they left, they serve our nation, let them serve. We do not need power, we do not need anything, let everyone be in their place. We have nothing to do with anyone. We are just asking our children.”

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