Artsakh Recapture Positions, Making Advances In The South As Azeris Continue Offensives Along The Entire Frontline.

Today, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, together with terrorist groups, continued their offensive operations along the entire frontline. The intensity of the fighting was not very high, but intensive offensive operations were carried out in some directions, per Artsrun Hovhannisyan, Armenian Ministry of Defense.

In the central direction, by throwing a large number of infantry and other forces, armored vehicles, using artillery in one or two positions, at the same time shelling the city of Martuni, the Azerbaijani armed forces managed to make some progress, to carry out positional change.

In separate focal battles in the southern and south-eastern directions, the Defense Army was able to take back certain positions and ensure some progress.

At the moment, the fighting continues.

Unless there are full verification mechanisms, on which our armed forces work out questions and suggestions, there can be no full ceasefire, because it is very important to mention, to have the mechanisms by which it is possible to control the ceasefire, to see the violator, to fix from the beginning that Azerbaijan started the war, that Azerbaijan started the aggression.

There is evidence on both the terrorist arrested yesterday and other terrorists – about their existence, their use, as well as their tactics, how terrorists are used, where they are used, what problem they solve, and so on. This terrorist is already arrested, a criminal case has been initiated, there is sufficient evidence for further proceedings.

Photo: Photolure News Agency

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