Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan: The enemy is a few kilometers from Shushi, “Whoever Controls Shushi, Controls Artsakh”

Dear compatriots,

Today, in this decisive historical moment, the Turkish-Azerbaijani and terrorist gangs, using their entire military resources, undertook an offensive at Artsakh, aimed at the extermination and exile of all Artsakh Armenians, who have been living on their native soil for millennia, from their Homeland, we carry on a life and death struggle, in unequal conditions in every respect.

Now they threaten our Homeland and our existence not only along the entire frontline, but have also invested serious military resources in the direction of Shushi, in order to capture the proud Armenian town-fortress at any cost.

Shushi is not just a town, it is the symbol of the determination of the Armenian people to live in their own cradle, a symbol of the victories of the Armenian people. Shushi is the beating heart of all Armenians.

As the Commander-in-Chief of Artsakh, I once again call on each and every one of you to unite and defend our Shushi, our Artsakh, our national dignity.

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