BREAKING NEWS: Azeris Fire Over 45 “Smerch” Missiles At Stepanakert Destroying Buildings, One Of The Biggest Attacks To Date.

Today, Azerbaijani Armed Forces struck Stepanakert with over 45 heavy “Smerch” missiles targeting residential areas & civilians, per Armenia’s Ministry of Defense & ASB Military News.

A residential house & a car were destroyed, another nearby building collapsed from the strike. The owner of the house & a neighbor received injuries & were transported to med facility, per Shushan Stepanyan, Spokeswoman of the Armenian Ministry of Defense.

There are casualties & injured among the civilians from the destruction. Firing tens of missiles at the civilian settlements. Probably the most aggressive day in Stepanakert during this war, per Artak Beklaryan, Human Rights Defender, Ombudsman of Artsakh.

Photo: EVN Report

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