BREAKING NEWS: Turkish Army Occupying Northern Syria To Send Its Mercenaries To Azerbaijan To Fight Against Armenia.

The Turkish occupation army in the occupied territories started to register the names of its mercenaries to send them to Azerbaijan, per Anf Arabic.

It is reported that the first group of 500 mercenaries are due to arrive in Azerbaijan within a week.

Private sources from inside the occupied Afrin Province reported that the Turkish occupation started registering the names of its mercenaries, the so-called national army, with the aim of sending them to Azerbaijan to fight alongside the Azerbaijani army against the Armenian army.

The sources pointed out that the mercenaries will receive a sum of $ 2,500 a month for each combatant in exchange for a contract that extends up to six months, which can be renewed.

The sources also indicated the opening of registration centers in the districts of Jenderes, Raju and Afrin Center.

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