BREAKING NEWS: Kurt Metzger Apologizes For Remark Made About The Armenian Genocide.

Kurt Metzger, who made a remark about the Armenian Genocide a few days ago apologizes for what he believes was taken out of context. He says, he was ridiculing Cenk Uygur, the founder of The Young Turks, and was not meant to deny the Armenian Genocide.

For context, the apology he is issuing is directed to the Zoom call with three other individuals, when he began to mockingly deride the Armenian Genocide.

One of the callers, who has an image of Khor Virap and Mt. Ararat as a background on his Zoom call, laughs at April 24th and goes onto proudly call himself a denier of the Armenian Genocide, as the rest of the individuals laugh.

Another individual states, that while he does not deny it, he doubts it happened. “I’m not sure it happened, but I can be talked into it,” approaching the Armenian Genocide in a cynical manner, as if the attempted annihilation of the Armenian people between 1915-1923 is a joke to him.

Metzger continues, “I say it happened, but it was a good thing.” He follows by declaring that he is, “A huge Young Turks fan.”

Metzger claims his comments were about a “long-running joke” he and his colleagues have and reiterated that it “was not a good thing the Armenian Genocide happened.”

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