Armenian Humanitarian Mission In Aleppo Donates Medical Supplies To Hospitals.

The Armenian Humanitarian Mission in Syria has donated medical items to the Aleppo Military Hospital and other medical facilities on April 12.

The Armenian Center for Humanitarian Demining & Expertise, which has medics and de-miners deployed on the mission, said it cooperated with the Armenian Consulate General in Aleppo to carry out the provision.

General Fayez al-Ayubi, the superintendent of the Aleppo Military Hospital, highly appreciated the joint efforts of the Armenian and Syrian doctors, and thanked the humanitarian mission and the Armenian authorities.

“Our Armenian colleagues are committed to the high principles of humanitarianism and are professionally helping the Syrian population every day. The Syrian people appreciate that Armenians are standing by our side in this difficult situation,” said the general.

H/T ArmenPress

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