Artsakh’s Vice Speaker: Azerbaijan May Launch new Military Actions To Distract its Public From Economic Concerns.

The Azerbaijani authorities may launch fresh military operations against Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) to distract their society’s attention from economic concerns, a vice speaker of the country’s National Assembly said today, sharing his forecasts of the possible impact of the plunging international oil prices.

In an interview with, Vahram Balayan also warned against linking the country’s aggressive approaches to the emerging economic crisis.

“We, as residents of Artsakh, expect Azerbaijan to move to adventurous actions at virtually any moment. Also the economic crisis has its impact of course. [They may] launch military actions to distract the people’s attention from domestic political concerns and the economic situation. The probability is always there, but economic problems add certain elements to it. Our society too, must be aware that military actions may start at any moment, and they must be accordingly prepared for that,” he said.

H/T Tert

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