Armenia To Replace Government Vehicles With Electric Ones Soon.

In early 2019 the ministry of environment had revealed a project of switching the government fleet to electric cars, thus making Armenia the first country in the world to have an all-electric vehicle fleet servicing the government. Initially the project was expected to be implemented by 2020, but certain technicalities have delayed it.

Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan told ARMENPRESS that the Cabinet will switch to electric cars in “the near future”.

“The project was to be implemented in the end of this year, if we were to manage all procedures, however some changes took place. The Global Electric Mobility project is underway, numerous countries are implementing it and there are some who stayed behind in terms of procedures, and this is the reason why we didn’t manage to switch to electric cars this year,” Grigoryan said.
The project will be implemented through a 700.000 euro grant provided by the Global Environment Fund.
He said the project is already approved and it will definitely be implemented.

H/T ArmenPress

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