In The Largest Escalation Since Last Year’s War, Azerbaijani Forces Attack Armenia’s Syunik, Situation Extremely Tense.

In the largest escalation since last year’s 44-Day Artsakh War, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have began attacking Armenia’s Syunik with heavy artillery along the eastern border, reports the Ministry of Defense of Armenia.

Intense local battles with the use of heavy artillery, armored vehicles and firearms of different calibers are currently taking place. Armenia reports four wounded with the enemy suffering great losses of armored vehicles and manpower.

On November 16, at around 1:00 pm, Azerbaijani Armed Forces launched fresh provocations by firing on Armenian positions in the direction of Armenia’s eastern border, reports the Ministry of Defense of Armenia. The Armenian Armed Forces took retaliatory actions in order to prevent the enemy’s advance.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense in a statement has said that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are accompanying their November 16 attack with a large-scale disinformation campaign. In particular, today, in the afternoon, before the attack, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense issued a statement that on November 15 and 16 the Armenian Armed Forces fired on the Azerbaijani positions in several directions on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan claims that the Armenian Armed Forces are carrying out operations in the direction of Tavush. The mentioned information does not correspond to the reality. The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense is trying to blame the Armenian side for its large-scale provocation, however, it is more than obvious that it was Azerbaijan that attacked, attacking the Armenian positions using artillery and armored vehicles.

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