Armenia’s MoD Strongly Urges To Refrain From Traveling To Syunik & Gegharkunik’s Border Areas For Security Reasons.

On May 20, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia strongly urged its citizens to refrain from traveling to the border areas of Syunik and Gegharkunik for security reasons, where the Armenian Armed Forces provide combat service around the clock, informs the Ministry of Defense of Armenia in a statement.

In recent days, there have been cases when individuals, various officials and media representatives tried to enter the border areas of Syunik and Gegharkunik, in the direction of which the provocations of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces took place.

As it was announced earlier, in the absence of a peaceful solution to the situation, the Armenian Armed Forces reserve the right to resolve the issue by any means, including force. In this case, the presence of civilians can only hinder the Armenian units from fully fulfilling their tasks.

The Armenian Police and Military Police forces on duty in Syunik & Gegharkunik been instructed to exclude the entry of civilians to the mentioned areas.

We urge you to approach these restrictions with understanding, not to cause unnecessary problems for the armed forces. 

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