Armenians Rally In Support Of ARF, Armenian Renaissance, & Kocharyan.

Several thousand Armenians rallied in the capital Yerevan on Sunday to show their support for a new political alliance created by former president Robert Kocharyan ahead of an early election next month.

Armenia’s Second President Robert Kocharyan, representative of the Supreme Body of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun Ishkhan Saghatelyan and President of the Reviving Armenia Party signed a memorandum on forming an alliance for the forthcoming snap parliamentary elections.

“Our struggle is for Armenia’s present and future. We guarantee freedom, justice and solidarity,” said Ishkhan Saghatelyan of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party (Dashnaktsutyun), a co-founder of the Armenia bloc, said during the rally.

Kocharyan said “professionalism, experience, diligence, discipline and love for the country” will be the guarantee for their success.

He promised that the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs every year will be a priority, everything will be done for the development of small and medium businesses. He pledged a science-based economy and developed agriculture, and noted that drastic improvement of the quality of life of all citizens will become a priority.

The signing ceremony was followed by a rally at the Freedom Square.

In a speech to thousands of supporters chanting “Armenia” and waving flags, Kocharyan pledged his alliance would help revive the economy and recover from ethnic Armenians’ loss of swathes of territory in and around the Nagorno-Karabakh region in a six-week conflict with Azerbaijan last year, local news outlets reported.

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