Hakob Arshakyan, Armenia’s High-Tech Minister Resigns Amid Assault Scandal With Journalist In Yerevan Cafe.

Today, Hakob Arshakyan, the Minister of High-Tech Industry, announced his resignation following the scandal with journalist Paylak Fakhradyan, who he assaulted at a Yerevan Cafe on March 18. Arshakyan said today is my last working day as Minister of High-Tech Industry.

His post runs as follows,

“Dear compatriots,

Today is my last working day as the Minister of High Technological Industry of the Republic of Armenia.

As a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, I consider unacceptable the use of violence by an official against any citizen, we are obliged to move on the path of having a society without violence.

As a high-ranking official, a person representing the Republic of Armenia in the international arena, moreover, I am obliged to serve the public as an example through my own experience. Thus, I express my intolerance for violence, both psychological and physical. I hope that what happened will serve as a lesson for our society և we will love each other a little more and respect everyone’s right to privacy, family life.

First of all, I would like to thank the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan for giving me the opportunity to serve our Motherland in this high position of trust. I also thank our government partners for their effective joint work.

I thank our citizens who trusted, loved or did not appreciate or criticized me during my tenure. I assure you that every word of encouragement and criticism has found its place in our daily work and success.

I thank the thousands of employees of the bodies subordinated to the ministry. Nothing is more important than the daily devoted work of each of you. Keep working with the dictates of your heart and love for our country, only in this way you can find the way to success and development, both for yourself and the state.

During the work there are many crossroads. The skill of a leader or leader is first of all in making the right choice of the way, that is why it is impossible to fulfill everyone’s wish at the same time, the team of the Ministry has always been guided by the priority interests of the state and the society.

Many of our brothers fell in battle, I bow my head in memory of them և families, their heroism will remain in our hearts forever. We have a very beautiful country, where strong and good people live, do not divide and classify each other, we will build a happy, secure and developed country together, with the daily hard and consistent work of each of us.

With my further activity I will continue to work for the development of our beloved homeland, the Republic of Armenia.”

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