Hakob Arshakyan, Minister of High-Tech Industry, Assaults Journalist Paylak Fakhradyan In Yerevan Cafe.

Today, Hakob Arshakyan, the Minister of High-Tech Industry, assaulted journalist Paylak Fakhradyan in a Yerevan Cafe.

Fakhradyan was attacked after asking Arshakyan why he was in a cafe during work hours.

The RA Prosecutor General’s Office sent the report of the attack to the Special Investigation Service, said Arevik Khachatryan, head of the Public Relations Department of the Prosecutor’s Office, per News.am.

It should be reminded that in one of the cafes operating in Yerevan today, journalist Fahradyan saw how the minister spends his working hours in the cafe. The journalist approached and asked why he decided to spend his working hours in a cafe. Arshakyan said that he works at night. For him, all hours are working hours. After that, the minister asked the journalist to turn off the camera, the journalist turned off, after which the minister started threatening him. After that conversation, the journalist went upstairs and continued his work, and Hakob Arshakyan went upstairs after him and attacked the journalist.

The journalist showed the damaged computer and the injured hand, noting: “You see, my hand is injured. Besides, Arshakyan hit my computer, as a result of which my computer was broken, and my phone on the table was also damaged. There are cameras here, I will demand that the videos be removed from the cafe and I will report them to the police. Accept this report of a crime.”

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