Artsakh’s MoD Releases The Names Of 96 Armenian Servicemen Killed By Azerbaijan During The 44-Day War Defending Artsakh.

Today, the names of 96 Armenian servicemen were released who were martyred while defending Artsakh during the 2020, 44-day war, informs the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Artsakh.

Earlier, Anahit Avanesyan, Armenia’s Health Minister said that they won’t be able to identify the bodies of some of the soldiers killed during the war because decomposition has erased all identifiable features. She said some of the bodies are severely damaged, which means they can’t be identified even through DNA analysis.

In Memoriam:

Papeyan Harutyun Alik, born in 2001

Poghosyan Aram Khazhak, born in 2002

Manukyan Gevorg Yeghishe, born in 2002

Yeghiazaryan Pavlik Vanya, born in 1999

Baghdasaryan Poghos Baghdasar, born in 1999

Mirumyan Levon Samvel, born in 1998

Puluzyan Avetis Ara, born in 2000

Karapetyan Alexander Ashot, born in 2002

Simonyan Yura Mnatsakan, born in 1996 (Volunteer)

Babayan Narek Arthur, born in 1994 (Reserve)

Mikaelyan Seyran Surik, born in 1983 (Reserve)

Hovsepyan Arshak Garnik, born in 1985 (Reserve)

Hovhannisyan Arthur Grigor, born 1971 (Volunteer)

Ghukasyan Arman Mirza, born in 1976 (Reserve)

Ohanyan Yuri Hovsep, born in 1997 (Reserve)

Balayan Abraham Alexander, born in 1997 (Reserve)

Harutyunyan Mesrop Vache, born in 1996 (Volunteer)

Mirzoyan Narek Samvel, born in 1995 (Volunteer)

Gasparyan Arayik Ararat, born in 1988 (Volunteer)

Matosyan Araik Patvakan, born in 1971 (Reserve)

Hovsepyan Albert Gevorg, born in 1998 (Reserve)

Harutyunyan Zohrak Armen, born in 1987 (Reserve)

Nagdalyan Sargis Ashot, born in 1988 (Reserve)

Margaryan Roman Daniel, born in 1991 (Reserve)

Manukyan Manvel Zaven, born in 1980 (Reserve)

Deghoyan Artak Pavlik, born in 1979 (Volunteer)

Ghrzoyan Matthew Mkrtich, born in 1959 (Volunteer)

Israelyan David Armen, born in 1999 (Reserve)

Baghdasaryan Shahen Hrachik, born in 1968 (Volunteer)

Mirzabekyan Grisha Benik, born in 1978 (Reserve)

Grigoryan Henry Yurik, born in 1978 (Reserve)

Shahverdyan Kamo Yurik, born in 1978 (Reserve)

Simonyan Yeghishe Emarleti, born in 1968 (Volunteer)

Sarukhanyan Ghazar Suren, born in 2001

Arstamyan Arthur Karen, born n 2001

Balayan Georgy Armen, born in 2000

Galstyan Narek Sergo, born in 2000

Aydoev David Gerakl, born in 2000

Isayan Hayk Sasun, born in 2000

Vagharshakyan Suren Hambardzum, born in 2002

Yedigaryan Sergey Yerjanik, born in 2000

Karapetyan Artyom Ashot, born in 2001

Avetisyan Artyom Vaghinak, born in 2000

Harutyunyan Paykar Hakob, born in 2000

Avanesyan Artak Arsen, born in in 2000

Hekimyan Azat Andranik, born in 2000

Babayan Arthur Azat, born in 1996

Tonoyan Hovhannes Vardan, born in 1997 (Reserve)

Hakobyan Arthur Gagik, born in 1979 (Reserve)

Abrahamyan Sergey Vitaly, born in 1978 (Reserve)

Poghosyan Karen Felix, born in 1978 (Reserve)

Karapetyan Ararat Yurik, born in 1975 (Volunteer)

Nazaryan Hrach Sedrak, born in 1983 (Reserve)

Hambardzumyan Sevak Sergey, born in 1976

Khachatryan Norayr Ararat, born in 1979 (Volunteer)

Grigoryan Ararat Andranik, born in 1968 (Volunteer)

Shahsuvaryan Arsen Mkhitar, born in 1974 (Reserve)

Martirosyan Robert Mkrtich, born in 1994 (Reserve)

Almoyan Arakel Varsham, born in 1991 (Reserve)

Parvanyan Arshak Ashot, born in 1981 (Reserve)

Ohanyan Gevorg Gagik, born in 1989 (Volunteer)

Markosyan Hovhannes Armen, born in 1994 (Reserve)

Hayrapetyan Grigor Bagrat, born in 1991 (Reserve)

Khachatryan Mnatsakan Gegham, born in 1992

Khachatryan Hovhannes Hakob, born in 1997 (Reserve)

Abrahamyan Gevorg Vardan, born in 2001

Poghosyan Aram Vazgen, born in 2001

Hovhannisyan Robert Mesrop, born in 1999

Movsisyan Hayk Nerses, born in 2001

Davtyan David Andranik, born in 2002

Manukyan Narek Azat, born in 2002

Zakharyan Artyom Robert, born in 2001

Chilingaryan Yuri Eduard, born in 2001

Ohanyan Andranik Karen, born in 2000

Davtyan Seryozha Arthur, born in 2001

Avagyan Gagik Raphael, born in 2002

Markosyan Shura Suren, born in 1998

Ghazaryan Artak Armen, born in 1998

Smbatyan Mkhitar Arthur, born in 1998

Gevorgyan Hakob Asatur, born in 1983

Makaryan Hrachya Khachik, born in 1992 (Reserve)

Manukyan Sargis Khachatur, born in 1997

Movsisyan Arman Ara, born in 1978

Sargsyan Arman Samvel, born in 1979 (Reserve)

Melkonyan Arsen Shahen, born in 1987 (Volunteer)

Gevorgyan Karen Gurgen, born in 2000

Asatryan Petros Nver, born in 2001

Andreasyan Gor Robert, born in 2000

Chobanyan Artsvik Andranik, born in 2001

Serobyan Shmavon Arsen, born in 1999

Soghomonyan Narek Mesrop, born in 2001

Simonyan Emin Vanya, born in 2002

Srkoyan Sargis Hovik, born in 2001

Avetisyan Edgar Hovhannes, born in 2002

Arzumanyan Roland Volodya, born in 2000

Buniatyan Norayr Anushavan, born in 2000

Our condolences to the relatives of these Armenian heroes protecting Armenia and Artsakh from Turkish & Azerbaijani aggression.

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