Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund Raises over $7.5 Million In 2020, To Unveil A New Rehabilitation Center In 2021.

The Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund raised over $7.5 million in 2020 from global supporters and has prioritized various initiatives in 2021 based on supporting our wounded heroes and rebuilding Armenia’s defense capabilities. 

The AWHF looks to supporting our wounded heroes via financial support, medical & rehabilitation support, and education support. In terms of direct financial support, AWHF has provided over $200,000 to the families of wounded and deceased soldiers and continues to be the U.S. partner for the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen (100Plus |, transferring over $122,000 since the November. 

On the medical & rehabilitation support front, AWHF has provided over $10,000 of critical supplies to the Yerevan Burn Center, where victims of white phosphorus attacks are still being treated. They are also funding internationally recognized experts to collect and document evidence of continued Azeri war crimes. AWHF is also partnering with Eternal Nation and other organizations to provide prosthetics for our soldiers and have committed at least $500,000 to this initiative. They have also recently opened a temporary rehab facility in Yerevan  under the leadership of Lt. Col. Sargis Stepanyan, who is a triple-amputee national hero with extensive personal experience in this field. This temporary center will function until the completion of their new 7,000 sq ft building in Yerevan by the end of 2021. AWHF also believes that mental health and the wellness of our soldiers and as a result will also be focusing on post-traumatic stress of our servicemen, moving forward. 

While AWHF notes that rehabilitation is a priority, they also highlight the necessity for education and training as the logical next step for Armenia’s heroes. They are working with various organizations (e.g., Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises) to provide on-the-job training to our wounded heroes to enable them to reintegrate into productive life.  Education programs focused on science and technology training will be a key area of focus as they plan an innovation and technology center. 

The AWHF also underlines their commitment to rebuilding Armenia’s Defense forces. First Aid/Protective Gear is proven to save hundreds and thousands of lives of Armenians soldiers at the time of war, it is imperative these capabilities are rebuilt in peacetime. AWHF has stated their intention to replace over 20,000 first-aid kits, the acquisition of body armor, among connecting a needs assessment with the Ministry fo Defense to provide other protective equipment for Armenia’s Armed Forces. 

They also look to improve front line infrastructure, including the 500km from Vardenis to Meghri. 

AWHF is a 501 (c)(3) committed to deliver 100% of every dollar donated to protect, save and rehabilitate our heroes in Artsakh & Armenia

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