“My Step” MP & Head Of Yerkrapah Union, Sasun Mikayelyan Urges Sobriety Amid Azerbaijan’s Threats To Attack Syunik.

Chairman of the Board of Yerkrapah Volunteer Union (YeKM) Sasun Mikayelyan has called for sobriety in Armenia, noting that the Azerbaijani leader is “swaggering” and threatening to “conquer Syunik,” per PanArmenian.

In a message published on Friday, March 12, the YeKM called for unity and consolidation, given “the gravity of the situation,” the need to strengthen the state, as well as the Armenian Armed Forces.”

Describing the internal instability as “unforgivable,” the Union said it is necessary that the authorities come up with a practical plan to get the country out of the current situation. It also called for resisting the political forces and individuals who destabilize the situation with their activity.

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) earlier alerted U.S. President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken about Turkey and Azerbaijan’s planned attack on Armenia.

ANCA’s call for action comes amid bellicose rhetoric from both Turkey and Azerbaijan, targeting Armenia. Nationalists from the two countries have called for the occupation of Syunik province to end the detachment of Nakhichevan from Azerbaijan.

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