Armenian Gov’t Fires Head Of UNICEF In Armenia After Allegations Of Espionage For The UK & Azerbaijan While In Office.

The prosecutor’s office says they don’t have any information about UNICEF Representative to Armenia Marianne Clark-Hattingh’s alleged espionage for Azerbaijan while in office, reports Armenpress.

However, the prosecution said they are looking into the allegations, said Arevik Khachatryan, the spokesperson for Prosecutor General’s Office.

A spokesperson for the general prosecution said that they don’t have ground to initiate criminal proceedings yet.

“The authors of these [allegations] reports, in case they possess information containing certainty and specificity, must turn over this information to law enforcement agencies. The prosecution is studying these reports,” spokesperson Arevik Khachatryan said.

Marianne Clark-Hattingh’s duties as UNICEF’s Representative to Armenia were terminated by the Armenian Government due to “failures in implementing her mandate and uncooperative conduct.”

However, some news outlets began reporting that the real reason of her ousting is that Armenian authorities revealed that she was involved in espionage and collected intelligence for the governments of Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom.

Photo by UNICEF Armenia/2020/Galstyan

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