Armenia Launches Serial Production Of OG-7V Hand Grenade Launchers Intended To Hit Enemy’s Infantry & Equipment.

Today, Hakob Arshakyan, the Minister of High-Tech Industry, presented the Armenian-made OG-7V round for hand grenade launcher which is intended to hit the enemy’s infantry and equipment.

His post reads as follows,

“I present to you the Armenian-made OG-7V hand grenade launcher.

Designed to damage military equipment behind the enemy.

It has passed state tests and is now in the serial production stage.

Along with innovative developments, it is also very important to organize the local production of already existing armaments, both economically and strategically.

You can get acquainted with these other developments of the military-industrial complex on March 25-27. Within the framework of the #Armhaytek Armament և International Exhibition of Defense Technologies held at the Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex.”

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