PM Pashinyan To Meet With Parliamentary Opposition Leaders In The Coming Days.

PM Pashinyan plans to meet with the head of “Bright Armenia” Party Edmon Marukyan & head of “Prosperous Armenia” Party Gagik Tsarukyan in the coming days to discuss the issue of extraordinary elections, said Pashinyan during a parliament-Cabinet Q&A session, reports Armenpress.

“If our parliamentary opposition partner accept the proposal (signing a memorandum on holding extraordinary elections – edit.), we will hold extraordinary parliamentary elections. I have already sent the invitation first of all to the heads of the parliamentary opposition and I plan to meet with them in the nearest days and I hope an agreement will be reached,” Pashinyan said.

The PM said that the elections should be held based on consensus.

“We see elections as a tool for recovering public solidarity, it’s a tool for solving that issue and giving the people an opportunity to express their will,” Pashinyan said, adding that the Government and the political forces must ensure the free, fair and legal elections.

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