PM Nikol Pashinyan Challenges The Opposition To Early Elections.

Today, PM Nikol Pashinyan held a rally at Republic Square where he challenged the opposition to early snap parliamentary elections.

Speaking in front of a crowd of tens of thousands, Pashinyan said “We are confident that people are able to establish legitimate power in the country through free expression of will.”

“They (the opposition) had all chances to demonstrate in the squares that people demand my resignation, but they failed to. I’m giving a second chance, I’m making this challenge. Let’s go and see whose resignation people demand, to see what people demand,” the PM said.

Pashinyan said they had even thought about slogans for the campaign, and one of them would be “End to Velvet.”

“You have raised me to the ranks of Prime Minister, and you, only you are eligible to remove me from the post,” the Prime Minister said,  addressing the public.

“We will not be seeking our victory in those elections, we will be seeking your victory, because you have to win.  Only one force – the people -should be the winner in the Republic of Armenia,” he stated.

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