Opposition Leader Vazgen Manukyan Urges MP’s From Pashinyan’s Bloc To Withdraw From The Faction.

Vazgen Manukyan, a candidate for prime minister from the opposition Movement to Save the Motherland, called on MPs from the ruling My Step bloc to withdraw from the faction and act as independent parliamentarians. This was reported by the press service of the opposition movement, reports TASS.

“Leave the faction and become independent deputies. Take personal responsibility for the future of our country and people. It is important that you make such a decision not under pressure from the public, but fully realizing the seriousness of the moment. I am ready to meet with you in any format, so that more to discuss in detail the current situation and all issues related to the future of Armenia, “he said.

In the morning, mass actions of opponents and supporters of the Prime Minister of the Republic Nikol Pashinyan began in the country, after the General Staff of the Armed Forces issued a statement saying that the military demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister and the government. The statement was signed by Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Onik Gasparyan, his deputies, heads of departments and corps. Pashinyan regarded this as an attempt at a military coup and announced the decision to dismiss the chief of the General Staff. President Armen Sarkissian, who, according to the constitution, appoints and dismisses the chief of the General Staff at the suggestion of the prime minister, has not yet signed the documents.

In the late afternoon, opposition supporters blocked Baghramyan Avenue in front of the parliament building with garbage cans and benches. There are also tents for people to spend the night there. Some opposition leaders remain on the square with activists, the rest are holding consultations to plan further actions. Earlier, Manukyan called on activists to stay on the square “until the deputies come to the parliament building and vote for Pashinyan’s resignation.”

In general, the situation in Yerevan during these hours remains calm. The police do not interfere in what is happening, there are no large gatherings of law enforcement officials. The military is also not visible in the city.

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