Jivan Avetisyan’s New Film “Revival” To Focus On Latest Artsakh War With Crowdfunding To Launch In March.

From the director of Tevanik, The Last Inhabitant, and Gate to Heaven, Jivan Avetisyan’s newest film Revival is slated for production in early 2022.  Revival will be Avetisyan’s fourth full-length feature film, all of which address the universal themes that revolve around the Armenian pursuit of peace. 

In a story, where true identity is born out of the darkness of the past, the plot follows one woman’s secret which forces three destinies to intertwine when a diasporan young robotics student living in France is determine to root out the truth of his father’s wartime death in Artsakh… his girlfriend, a young Frenchwoman sets out to reunite with her estranged volcanologist father in Iceland to trace her indigenous Canadian roots… his esteemed French professor, a descendant of a Holocaust survivor, reclaims his abandoned Jewish roots in Israel in search of the meaning of life. Along the way, the hardships they face force them to make sacrifices that bring them closer to their true identities. 

In the film, Avetisyan plans to present fragments and glimpses of the stories he has heard, read, and witnessed at different times. The film is based on actual, life stories and historical events.

Avetisyan, now looks to build upon his increasingly formidable body of work, with his newest film Revival. He also reiterated the emotional and financial support from the Armenian diaspora in the making of his previous films, Tevanik (2014), The Last Inhabitant (2016), and Gate to Heaven (2019). As the crowdfunding campaign for Revival is set to launch in March 2021, Avetisyan told Zartonk Media that it is, “Imperative for me to get the community—especially the worldwide Armenian Diaspora—directly involved with the project. This is our [Armenians’] story and all those who contributed are part of telling it to the world, are part of its success.”

Zartonk Media will provide updates regarding Jivan Avetisyan’s film Revival, including the launch of its crowdfunding campaign next month.

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