Armenian Wellness Startup “Embry Tech” Is Helping People Take Back Control Of Their Health With Smart Insoles.

Embry is a system of smart insoles and mobile app that serves as an accountability buddy. It measures body weight fluctuations without a scale, analyzes behavior, and helps people to lead healthy lives. It recently launched its pre-order campaign for a limited edition of 100 smart insoles on their website, which is a thrilling opportunity to become one of the first owners and a member of the Embry community.

Only a couple of years ago, a visionary designer, Nare Gevorgyan, Hive30Under30 2020 listmaker, and her husband, an aspiring entrepreneur, Sargis Karapetyan, raised in Artsakh, initiated the creation of a wearable scale. The idea was a challenge to test their professional abilities and ambitions, as well as the personal struggles with weight management.

Shortly following, Liana Avetian, a professional nutritionist, who after spending 14 years in the US repatriated to Armenia with her husband, joined the team as the third co-founder. She immediately fell in love with the idea and saw its value in the US market. Another person who plays an important role since the company’s launch is Embry Tech’s founding advisor and CTO Levon Hovhannisyan, with more than 10 years of experience in biomedical and wearable device engineering.

Despite the war and covid, Embry Tech did not stop its R&D. While on one side the team was committed to the contribution of the frontline, it also worked tirelessly to launch its product. Up to day, Embry Tech managed to build a 14-member audacious team and product from ground stage to end result. Embry brought $0.5M investment to Armenia from SmartGateVC, Hive Ventures, AICA and other angel investors to build the product and acquire its first customers.

Now, Embry Tech has a determined mission of empowering people to lead healthy lives through measurable wellness. You can support the cause by pre-ordering your pair of designed-in- Armenia Embry smart insoles at their website, and you can spread the word in your community by sharing Embry Tech.

Photo credit: Hrant Khachatryan

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