Evidence Continues To Emerge Of Azeri Forces Firing On Border Villages In Syunik.

Today, Arman Tatoyan, Human Rights Defender, Ombudsman of Armenia posted conclusive evidence depicting Azerbaijani armed forces firing on Armenian border villages in Syunik with both small and large caliber weapons.

His post reads as follows:

“Conclusive evidence depicting the firing by Azerbaijani armed forces of both small and large caliber weapons in the immediate vicinity of villages in the Syunik province of Republic of Armenia.

This video was recorded 2 days ago, at different times of the day, in the middle of Agarak and Yeghvard villages of Kapan community; the footage was captured by our perimeter guards at the lines of contact.

To put the matter in context and to be clear, the point of origin of these shooting is directly about one (1) km from the village of Agarak.

The Armenian Human Rights Ombudsman periodically receives alerts about the anger and the concerns of residents of Kapan villages over the discharging of firearms by the Azerbaijani military on a regular basis.

All of these once again confirm that in the immediate vicinity of Syunik communities, and on the roads connecting those communities, there should not be any Azerbaijani military forces. The presence of these forces seriously endangers the rights of Armenian civilians, disturbs their peace and peaceful life.”

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