Yura Movsisyan Appointed Armenia’s Football Ambassador To North America.

Former Armenian national team striker Yura Movsisyan, who made a decision to retire, made an announcement with important messages included in it, informs the Football Federation of Armenia.

“Throughout my career, I have always been aware that this day will come for me too, and thought mine will be easier than what many of my retired friends were telling me, but man they were not kidding. For the past year,  given everything that was happening with my injuries and leaving RSL, I made my mind up to better retire now with a few good offers on the table than try pushing it for another couple of years. Every time I have stepped on the field to play,  I have given nothing less than a 100% and knowing right now that I won’t be 100% I would never disrespect my teammates and lie to them.

I’ve had 14 great years of doing what I love doing, and doing it all over the world. My family and I have lived in some of the best cities in the world. Denmark, Russia, Armenia, Sweden and the United States. I am thankful to all my club teammates and coaches. I am really happy to have played alongside some great players in great clubs.

Every football player that starts playing from a young age knows that representing your country is the biggest honor you can accomplish in your career. I decided to represent my home country of Armenia instead of the US National Team. Although playing for the US team would have given me a better chance to play in a World Cup, for me it was a bigger honor to be able to make a difference for my country Armenia. I joined the Armenian National Team in my 5th year of playing professional because I wanted to actually make a big difference when I arrived. I wanted to make a big difference and help change Armenian football when i arrived and i think I can proudly say that I brought change to Armenian Football. Being part of probably one of the best generations in football history in Armenia that has brought so much joy to our people, is probably my biggest accomplishment in my 14 year career.

Summarizing it all I want to thank all my teammates in the national team. Without them my career would never be what it was like. A big thank you to all the coaches and staff, both of the national team and the FFA, to all those people who had an important role during my career. Special thanks to our amazing fans, who were by my side during the most difficult times for me. I hope and I am sure that we will meet soon, whatever my status will be.”

FFA president Armen Melikbekyan appointed Yura Movsisyan as the FFA ambassador in North America.

“Yura Movsisyan is one of the best Armenian players after independence. I am sure his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm will be very useful for the cooperation we are going to start. Yura Movsisyan will be the bridge which will help to make the links between FFA and our compatriots in North America stronger,” said Armen Melikbekyan, FFA President.

Yura Movsisyan: “I am very honored to be appointed as the ambassador. After retiring from football I want to be as helpful to our football as I can. A lot of Armenians live in USA and in North America. This is the reason it’s important to have good links between the diaspora and Armenia, have a contribution in solving the problems faster and development of the football.”

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