Former Defense Advisor & Arms Dealer Detained For Supplying Old Weaponry To Army, Pocketing $1 Million In The Process.

The National Security Service has detained arms dealer Davit Galstyan, commonly known as Patron Davo, for supplying the Armenian army with older projectiles than he was supposed to and pocketing $1 million in the process, reports PanArmenian.

Galstyan, the chairman of the board of a company registered abroad entered into an agreement with the director of the same company to pull off the affair. The two then reached an agreement with the Ministry of Defense of Armenia for the supply of ammunition in 2018.

However, instead of shipping cannon shells of corresponding caliber, produced in 1983-86, they hid the discrepancy between the tactical and technical characteristics and supplied the Ministry of Defense with Czech-made ammunition manufactured in 1977, the NSS said. The ammunition, worth over 41 million, did not correspond to the weapons used in the Armed Forces and the mountainous terrain conditions, which ultimately led to the impossibility of their effective use.

Now charges have been brought against Galstyan, a motion for his arrest has been submitted.

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