Ex-President Kocharyan Announces He Will Participate In Upcoming Elections, “I Will Participate & We Will Win.”

The second President of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, has announced that he will participate in the upcoming elections in his interviews with Hayeli.am, Politik.am and Yerevan Today, reports Sputnik.

According to Kocharyan, the authorities should be glad that the opposition chose political methods of struggle from the very beginning.

“If the hope for political processes dies, then the whole process will turn into another channel,” the former president of Armenia notes.

According to Kocharian, 200-300 thousand people in Armenian society are radically disposed. The second revolution will be problematic for the country. But if the hope for a political path to a change of power dries up, then, as the ex-president noted, in the spring people will again take to the streets, and the wave of protest will be stronger than before.

From the point of view of the former head of state, in the current situation, when there are still so many questions and sensitive topics, it is rather dangerous to organize elections. Nevertheless, if the authorities do not understand this and insist on their implementation, then the opposition should participate in them in order to prevent the reproduction of power.

To the clarifying remark of one of the journalists that many citizens want to see Kocharyan himself in politics, the former president replied that in the event of early elections, he intends to participate in them.

“I will participate with my team and we will win,” the former president said.

As the former head of state noted, the united opposition forces hoped that the ruling faction, realizing the tragedy of the situation, would assist it in order to remove Pashinyan from power. But nothing of the kind happened. This, in Kocharyan’s opinion, showed the squalor of the Armenian political elite. In his opinion, if the deputies cling to their chairs like that, then they will later have to be scraped off their chairs.

On November 10, 2020, after the announcement of the signing of a trilateral statement on Karabakh, rallies and processions began in Yerevan demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. A number of opposition forces have nominated a single candidate for the post of head of the interim government – ex-chairman of the Public Council of Armenia Vazgen Manukyan. The opposition Movement for the Salvation of the Motherland has been formed in the country.

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