High Tech Development Is One Of The Main Priorities Of Armenia’s Gov’t, Says Minister Hakob Arshakyan.

Minister of High technological industry Hakob Arshakyan has presented the list of Armenian companies who have been declared winners in 2020 on the sidelines of the Armenian Virtual Bridge program, reports Armenpress.

The companies are the followings: Expper Technologies, Embry Tech, CoinStats, RetentionForce, @Hub Tech, URAAA,  payva, GeBe Cert, Easydmarc, eSwap, 3dzook , Earlyone, Chessify, ForgeFiction, Lucky Carrot.

In a statement the High-tech ministry said each of these companies has an opportunity to attract new investments and enter into new markets in Armenia and abroad.

“On January 28 these companies will present their programs to international entrepreneurs, partners and investors.

The high technological development is one of the main priorities of Armenia’s economic development and the government.

The ministry will soon announce new grant programs on entrepreneurship, new training and development opportunities.

The Armenian Virtual Bridge aims at connecting Armenia with the international technology centers by using the power of the Armenian scientific mind, relying on the Diaspora’s opportunities and potential,” Arshakyan said. 

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