Azeris Announce “You Must Withdraw” To The Residents Of Khndzoresk Village In Armenia’s Syunik.

Today, MP Naira Zohrabyan announced that after speaking with the former Mayor of Armenia’s Khndzoresk village in Syunik, Azerbaijani Soldiers over a loudspeaker told them to withdraw.

Her Facebook post reads as follows,

“The Turk is on the outskirts of Khndzoresk.

The Turk continues to invade Armenia via GPS. In the morning, the people of Khndzoresk alerted that the Azeri soldiers called to retreat over the loudspeaker. Let me remind you that the Turk was 600 meters from Khndzoresk and now he is coming forward with his GPS in his arms.

I talked to Martun Arzanyan, the former mayor of Khndzoresk, who confirmed that the Azeris had urged him to go back over the loudspeaker, but the men of the village were still holding their positions.

What will happen tomorrow, no one knows, and it turned out how much homeland we have to concede on Google Map, only the Turk knows through a loudspeaker.

By the way, the children of the government have made an unspeakable “hard rock” noise that during today’s march I accidentally mentioned the former mayor of Khndzoresk as an actor.

Because of that, the homeland that is handed over to the Turks meter by meter every day does not change.”

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