Lebanese-Armenian Maral Najarian Who Settled In Shushi After Beirut Blast Was Kidnapped On Nov. 10 & Is In Azeri Captivity.

The European Court of Human Rights is dealing with the issue of the Lebanese Armenian Maral Najarian, who was captured by the Azerbaijani side after the cessation of hostilities in Artsakh. Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan told Sputnik Armenia.

Sinanyan said that the ECHR is dealing with the issue of Maral Najarian, and they themselves follow the course of events in the hope that soon the woman will be handed over to the Armenian side.

Zareh Sinanyan also said that the man who went with Maral in the direction of Shushi is also being held in Azerbaijan. However, unlike Maral, there was information about him, though not official. The Azerbaijani side distributed a video with his participation, presenting the man as a terrorist.

It is known that the man moved to Artsakh many years ago, and Maral Najarian recently, in August last year.

Note that Maral has dual citizenship – Armenia and Lebanon. After the explosion that took place on August 4 last year in Beirut, Maral and his sister moved to Armenia. They expressed a desire to live in Artsakh, and a month later they were accommodated in one of the hotels in the city of Shushi. They waited until the house was put into operation, where they were going to be resettled.

When the war started, the sisters moved to Goris, but their belongings remained in Berdzor (Lachin). After the announcement of the trilateral ceasefire statement, on November 10, Maral Najarian, thinking that she could safely take her belongings out of Berdzor, together with her acquaintance, also an immigrant from the Diaspora, Viken Euljekdjian, went to Berdzor, and then to Shushi. After that they disappeared.

The heads of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan – Vladimir Putin, Nikol Pashinyan and Ilham Aliyev, adopted a joint statement on a ceasefire in Karabakh. According to the statement, a complete ceasefire in Artsakh came into force on November 10. The Armenian side agreed to a number of territorial concessions. To control the ceasefire and military operations, a peacekeeping contingent of the Russian Federation is deployed in the Artsakh conflict zone.

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