PM Pashinyan Reiterates That Not A Single Millimeter Of Armenia’s Territory Will Be Ceded Ahead Of His Visit To Syunik.

Today, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in a Facebook live reiterated that not single millimeter of Armenia’s territory will been ceded ahead of his visit to Syunik.

“I’m coming to look you into the eyes, answer your questions and give necessary explanations,” Pashinyan said.

“I’m aware of the kind of questions you might ask. I have a certain conviction that I will be able to answer them and dispel your doubts. I would not have made such a decision, if I didn’t have such a conviction,” said the Prime Minister.

He called on the people to refrain from inflammatory actions as “the situation is already tense.”

“I hope our conversation will take place, because we can overcome this situation together. I want to assure you again that not a single millimeter will be conceded from Syunik region, contrary to the rumors, from the territories of Armenia in general. I hope we will talk about this openly so that the information is complete,” said Pashinyan.

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