New Reports Emerging of Armenian Soldiers Being Mutilated By Azeri Armed Forces, Amidst Yesterday’s Attacks

Pictured below, according to Azerbaijan are dead Armenians soldiers killed near Hadrut yesterday in the attempted takeover of the villages which Armenia claims they defended and kept control of. There are conflicting reports, as the Azeri side reports that they have control of these villages.

From the looks of the limbs of one of the corpses, it seems that torture took place with possible executions. The bodies are severely damaged and maimed. There’s clear evidence of struggle and restrain.

We unfortunately cannot post the ongoing war crimes being committed by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on Instagram because it will violate the community guidelines, which will lead to the post being taken down and our account being blocked. However, we post them on our website.

With that said, Zartonk Media has been in contact with various advocacy groups & human rights organizations as a result of Azerbaijan’s publication & circulation of these gruesome videos.

We publish these videos so we can bring attention to Azerbaijan’s war crimes. Azerbaijan must be held accountable.

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