Azerbaijani General Making The Grey Wolves Sign At Baku Parade.

An Azerbaijani general was spotted making the Grey Wolves sign in today’s military parade in Baku. Armenia’s Ambassador to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia Tigran Mkrtchyan shared the photo on social media, reports Public Radio of Armenia.

“An Azerbaijani general making the Grey Wolves sign in today’s Baku “masquerade.””Grey Wolves” is a Turkish ultranationalist, neo-fascist organization banned in some countries. It is a sign of appreciation for Turkey for everything. It’s the modern day Nazi salute!” the Ambassador captioned the photo.

The Grey Wolves group has been disbanded in France last month after the Armenian Genocide memorial near Lyon was defaced with pro-Turkish slogans.

Politicians from Germany’s opposition parties are urging the government to follow the lead of Paris in banning the right-wing Turkish Grey Wolves organization.

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