Turkish Government Begins To Open Offices To Register Turkmen Wishing To Settle In Azeri Occupied Artsakh

Afrinpost learned from its sources that the Turkish occupation authorities, recently opened two offices in the center of the occupied Kurdish region of Afrin in northern Syria, for families wishing to register their names in preparation for their transfer to the “Nagorno Karabakh / Artsakh” region, with the aim of final settlement in the areas occupied by Azeri army after battles with the Armenian army.

The sources confirmed that the first office is located in People Credit Bank in the old Afrin district, which Turkish intelligence transferred to its headquarters, while the second office is located in the “former Ronahi Press” site located next to the “Avrin / Al-Shifa Hospital now” in the New Afrin neighborhood, which is a center for Turkish intelligence too.

The sources indicated that the two offices are witnessing a turnout of Turkmen families, especially those from the province of Homs, and family data are taken in preparation for transferring them to the Qarabag region, which the Azerbaijani army occupied a large part of it constitutes the majority of the red Kurdistan region, after battles that lasted for three weeks with Armenian army.

The sources pointed out that the so-called “Abu Tharwat”, an employee of the Turkish intelligence, comes from the countryside of Azaz, runs the first office, while the second man, called “Khiru,” who is a Turkoman from one of the villages of al-Ra’i district, as they promote the plan in coordination with the Islamic militias that contain in its ranks armed Turkomans.

H/T Afrinpost

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