Armenians Transfer The Remains Of Their Deceased Relatives From Karvachar To Prevent Desecration By The Enemy.

Photos have begun to circulate showing Armenians of Artsakh’s Karvachar transfer the remains of their deceased relatives from the territories that would be occupied by Azerbaijan. Photo evidence has emerged of Armenians burning their homes to prevent Azeris from using them, in addition to footage being released of graves being dug up to take with them the coffins of their deceased relatives to protect them from Azeri desecration.

One of the photos of Karvachar’s graves was published in his telegram account by political scientist Edgar Elbakyan and attached. “Armenian grave in Karvachar. In order not to leave the desecration of the enemy, the inhabitants had to carry out an exhumation without proper state support.”

Facebook user Anna Hakobyan also posted photos “With the stroke of a pen, without a fight, people were taken out of the surrendered land and the dead were taken away … Are you able to live with this?”

H/T Tert

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