Residents Of Artsakh’s Hadrut Protest Outside The UN Offices In Yerevan Chanting “Hadrut Is Artsakh.”

Displaced residents of the Hadrut region in Karabakh now living in Armenia demonstrated outside the UN office and Council of Europe offices in Yerevan, demanding that the region be returned to Armenian control.

Yesterday, they protested outside the French, Russian and US embassies, voicing the same demand.

“We must accept that this Artsakh war ended in the most cruel and incomprehensible way. Hadrut is indeed a center of a powerful civilization. There are many Christian monuments there and the ancient site of Azokh is also located in Hadrut. It is simply unforgivable to leave all that to the aggression of the enemy. The people of Hadrut want to return to Hadrut,” said Mary Davtyan, one of the demonstrators.

 UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia Shombi Sharp spoke with several of the Hadrut women, telling them that while his office isn’t authorized to deal with the Artsakh issue, he would convey their message to the UN Secretary General in the form of an humanitarian or special status program.

Sharp said that if both sides to the conflict applied to the UN Security Council for its direct involvement in resolving the issue, they were ready to assist.

H/T Hetq

Video by Jonah Fisher/BBC

Photo by Hetq

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