Opposition Parties Rally In Yerevan For Third Consecutive Day, Demanding PM Nikol Pashinyan’s Resignation.

Opposition leaders rally in Freedom Square for the third consecutive day to protest the agreement signed by Nikol Pashinyan, surrendering a large part of Artsakh to Azerbaijan.

Opposition leaders including the ARF’s Ishkhan Saghatelyan and Armen Rustamyan addressed the protestors.

“When the time comes to answer for a bitter defeat instead of an order, you run away,” referring to PM Nikol Pashinyan failing to address the National Assembly and briefing the public of his statement to surrender Artsakh.

Rustamyan asks, “What right do you have to speak of honesty and justice when you have violated the constitution by which you were elected? How can a Karabakh citizen return to Karabakh if ​​he remains under the yoke of the Azeris?”

“This man has no idea what wound he has inflicted on our people, dignity and self-love. He broke our [the Armenian nation’s] spine.”

Photo by Photolure News Agency

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