BREAKING NEWS: Azeri & Turkish Forces Fired “SMERCH” Missiles On Stepanakert’s Children’s Hospital, Wounding Two Civilians.

The Azerbaijani-Turkish forces fired in the direction of Stepanakert’s mother and child health care center from the “Smerch” MRLS. According to preliminary data, one citizen was injured and was taken to hospital, per Shushan Stepanyan, Spokeswoman of the Armenian Ministry of Defense.

The enemy also shelled a residential area where a garage and a car burned down, and substantial damage was inflicted on nearby residential houses. 3 “Smerch” rockets were fired in the direction of Shushi, where 2 residential houses are currently on fire. Firefighters are working on the ground.

Azerbaijan also targeted Stepanakert’s residential areas next to the central market. There are two heavy wounded civilians, per Artak Beklaryan, Human Rights Defender, Ombudsman of Artsakh.

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